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FY 20-21 HHS Budget Sub-Committee Members and Questions

On June 4, 2019 HHS created new RTM budget sub-committees to work with the departments/GEMS that fall under HHS' review. HHS drafted six questions that are intended to be a starting point for discussions with department leaders. Please see below for delegate assignments as well as the list of questions HHS is using as a platform for FY 20-21 budget sub committee conversations.

Commission on Aging/Senior Center
Lauren O’Keefe (District 9); Judy Badia (District 1)

Department of Human Services
Patty Roberts (District 5); Bill Galvin (District 7); Gregg Pauletti (District 11)

Nathaniel Witherell
Debbie Berner (District 8); Ralph Penny (District 11); Alison Soler (District 8)

Department of Health
Eileen Toretta (District 2); Ellen Murdock (District 12); Jill Capalbo (District 8); Rachel Khanna (District 10)

Sam Tamm (District 4); Joan Lowe (District 3); Gregg Pauletti (District 11)

HHS sub-committee questions:

The questions are:
1. How does the actual budget for the department compare to the requested budgeted amount? (Year to date run rate comparison).
2. What is different in the proposed budget from last year and why? (Are there any new large expenditures? Program changes? Head count changes?)
3. What are the themes and goals for the department over the next fiscal year? Are there any budget implications for implementing the identified objectives?
4. What issues or trends does the department have over the next fiscal year?
5. If applicable, how do comparable communities compare in terms of service delivery?
6. Describe any regulatory changes that will impact your department this year?