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Appointments Committee

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 8:00pm
Town Hall Meeting Room

Historic District Commission
•Aris Crist -regular Member
•Ana Maria McGinnis Alternate member

Harbor Management Commission
•Lile Gibbons - Regular member
• Phil Catalano - Alternate Member

Adoption of Balloting Method for nominations
Review of Glossary for AC Reference Manual

Ana Maria McGinnis form.pdf114 KB
Phil Catalano form.pdf140.66 KB
Aris Crist nom. form 2019 .pdf115.22 KB
Lile Gibbons Nom 2019.pdf192.62 KB
1 Draft AC Reference Manual Glossary . 2019.03.20.pdf84.31 KB
Revised Draft Appointments Balloting Method 2019.03.19.doc23.08 KB
PROPOSAL Stuart Reider.pdf360.76 KB
HDC Report 2019.04.pdf101.04 KB
PROPOSAL Stuart Reider.pdf360.76 KB
AGENDA Appointments (REV) 2019.04.02.pdf52.91 KB