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Appointments Committee Meeting Tuesday 2/26

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 8:00pm
Town Hall Meeting Room

The Appointments Committee will meet to interview nominees and vote to make a recommendation to the RTM on the appointments of the following:

Harbor Management Commission
• William Ingraham
Board of Human Services
• Thomas Petrone
Historic District Commission
• Aris Crist ( anticipate postponement of interview with Mr Crist to April Meeting)

Other Business:
• Review of AC member responsibilities
• Adoption of Nomination Balloting Method
• New option for Condemnation Commission Nominations
• Discussion on upcoming Nomination for Flood and Erosion Control Board
• Update on Process Subcommittee

Thomas Petrone nom. form2019 pdf.pdf89.86 KB
Billy Ingraham nom. form.2019 pdf.pdf34.29 KB
Aris Crist nom. form 2019 .pdf42.17 KB
Appointments Balloting Method 2018.02.06.pdf43.87 KB
AC Guidebook In Process v0.9R 2016.05.09.pdf12.8 MB
2019 Appointments Committee Reference Chart 2019.01 ndd.pdf247.88 KB
Appointments Master List 2019.02.22.xlsx1.47 MB