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Appointments Committee meeting Tuesday October 2

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 9:00am
Town Hall Meeting Room,1st Floor Town Hall

Interviews with:Commission on Aging: Patricia Burns
Nathaniel Witherell Board: Dr Nirma Patel
Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals: John Vecchiolla, Frank Baratta
Alarm Appeal Board: Frederick Brooks

The Appointments Committee will provide a non-binding vote of recommendation to the RTM on each nominee for appointment.

Postpone 5 Items to December RTM

John Vecchiolla nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf121.83 KB
Frank Barrata nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf88.7 KB
Arthur Delmhorst nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf75.62 KB
Dennis Peter Yeskey Jr. nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf58.53 KB
Kenneth Rogozinski nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf115.48 KB
Richard Maitland nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf55.93 KB
Nirmal Patel nom formSEARCHABLE.pdf168.14 KB
Nelson Bonheim nom form.pdf44.94 KB
P Burns Nomination 2Searchable.pdf52.81 KB
Rev Agenda Appointments 2018.10.02.pdf58.77 KB