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Appointments Committee Meeting

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 8:00pm
Employee Lounge Town Hall

Appointments on the RTM June Call. Agenda soon

Board of Ethics:
•John Margenot (renomination)
•Paul deBary (renomination)

Board of Parks and Recreation:
•Kirk Schubert (renomination)
•Richard Loh (renomination)

Board of Human Services:
•Alan Gunzburg (renomination)

Agenda Appointments 2018.05.29.pdf45.6 KB
Paul deBary nomination form.pdf29.92 KB
John Margenot nomination form.pdf31.6 KB
Kirk Schubert nomination form.pdf41.01 KB
Appointments Committee Master List 2018.05.23.xls1.21 MB
2018-2022 Appointments Interim terms.pdf157.08 KB
2018d Appointments Committee Reference Chart 2018.05.20.pdf244.73 KB