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Call For Candidates To Serve on RTM Special Committees and RTM Representative to the Harbor Management Commission

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Attached please find PDFs with instructions and Candidate Information Forms for members of the RTM to become candidates for serving on:
• The Claims Committee
• RTM Ex-Officio Representative toThe Harbor Management Commission
• Labor Contracts Committee

For the CLAIMS COMMITTEE Interested members should complete this form* and send, along with a copy of your CV to the secretary of the Appointments Committee no later than 12 noon on Friday January 26.

For the LABOR CONTRACTS COMMITTEE and the RTM Representative to the HARBOR MANAGEMENT COMMISSION, the deadline is 12 noon on Friday February 16.

*The Candidate Information Form is a multi-purpose form for both appointed agencies and RTM committees. Appointed agencies are required to have membership which is compliance with the State Minority Representation Act, which limits the members from one political party who can serve on an appointed agency.

It is NOT necessary, nor is it preferable, for RTM candidates to provide political party affiliation when seeking to serve on the Claims Committee, The Labor Contracts Committee , or the RTM Ex-Officio Representative toThe Harbor Management Commission.

Call for Candidates To the Claims Committee 2018.01.17.pdf80.99 KB
Call for Candidates To the HMC 2018.01.17.pdf93.53 KB
Call for Candidates To the Labor Contracts Committee 2018.01.17 .pdf182.47 KB