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2018-2019 Preliminary Reference Materials for Appointments Committee

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Preliminary Organizational and Informational Reference materials for the 2018-2019 RTM Term.
Worthwhile foundational information for any RTM member.

* Appointments Committee Master List (subject to RTM approval of January term expiration amendments)
* Preliminary Regular Scheduled/ anticipated Appointments 2018-2019 ( subject to RTM approval ofJanuary term expiration amendments)
* Preliminary Appointments Committee Calendar ( subject to AC approval and RTM approval of January term expiration amendments
* 2018-2019 Appointments Committee Informational Reference Chart
• Draft information sheet for nominees, including current process flowchart
* Organizational Chart of Town Agencies, Offices, Deopartments
* Proposal for organization of Appointments Committee 2018-2019

Preliminary Scheduled Appointments 2018-2019 2017.12.23.pdf159.18 KB
Appointments Committee Master List 2017.12.23.xls325 KB
2018 Appointments Committee Reference Chart 2018a.pdf230.09 KB
Info sheet for Nominees (Draft 6) .pdf80.77 KB
AC Proposal for Division of Responsibilities 2017.11.14.pdf43.78 KB
Town Organizational Chart RTM 2017.12.11.pdf68.81 KB
Preliminary Appointments Committee Calendar 2017.12.29.xls174 KB