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Finance Commitee December 2017 Minutes

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Minutes Finance Committee Monday Dec 4, 2017

The Finance Committee met in the Town Hall Lower Lounge at 7:30 PM on Dec 4, 2017. Eight districts were represented with Districts 1, 2, 8 and 9 absent.

Item 8 ($500k interim authorization for legal fees): 8-0-0, 4 Districts absent

John Wayne Fox, the Town’s attorney, said that the need for the increase of $500k was due to two matters where the Town has had extensive, and unanticipated use of outside counsel.
One case involves a personal injury case (Collins) and Mr. Fox made clear that he could not offer any comments, outside of an Executive Session, beyond those in the Explanos, related to that pending litigation.

The other matter involved the Town’s push-back on the State of Ct. siting counsel efforts to allow Eversource to run power lines through Bruce Park.

In response to a question, Mr. Fox suggested that the only other interim authorization that he might anticipate were if parties in the Town were to pursue litigation to have the ordinance limiting the use of lights at Greenwich HS, changed. Mr. Fox steered clear of any discussion as to whether such action was likely.

Item 13 (Josh Brown nomination to LCC): 8-0-0, 4 Districts absent

Various members of the Committee expressed their preference to wait and to interview Josh Brown for his role on the LCC before voting on this matter, as he was not able to attend (although he had volunteered to take a phone call). Others noted that LCC has been short-staffed for months (and will be losing another member come Jan 1), that many labor contracts are up for review, and noted that Rob Perrilli-Minetti had been confirmed in October without the Finance Committee interviewing him.

Mr. Brown was not available when called, but the Committee voted to support his nomination given the need for more members to help with communication back to RTM members over the next few meetings.

Item 7 (American Legion lease): 8-0-0, 4 Districts absent

Parks & Rec Director Joseph Siciliano presented this (and the next two leases). He explained that this (and the next two) were new leases to tenants that had occupied this location for decades. He explained that these leases were 10-year leases with automatic 10-year extensions, but noted that either party could terminate the lease with 90 days notice.

Mr. Siciliano noted that the terms of this lease were updated to include new, and standardized terms, related to insurance, use of and maintenance of the facilities, and rights and obligations of each party.

Erf Porter, former RTM member, talked more about what the American Legion does, and the role of Veteran’s groups in town.

Item 5 (Greenwich Boat and YC lease): 8-0-0, 4 Districts absent

As noted above, Mr. Siciliano presented this lease, which has many terms that overlap with the American Legion lease. He explained the difference between the lease of the facility, and the use of slips (which is now governed by the Harbor Master). He explained that turnover of membership and leases is not as bad as it was at the Mianus River Boat Club when that lease was debated at a prior RTM meeting.

John Wisman, of the GBYC) noted that unlike the Mianus BC situation where children could be put on the wait list, or where slips had been kept within families, that one had to be an adult to be on the wait list (as there’s a need to attend meetings) and a GBYC a widower did not even get to keep her spouse’s boat slip after he died.

Mr. Wisman suggested that the waitlist for slips was about 5 years.

Mr. Siciliano suggested that rental rates for slips and winter storage (more applicable below) might be lower than for private yacht clubs, but competitive with other municipalities.

Item 6 (Old Greenwich YC lease): 8-0-0, 4 Districts absent

Mr. Siciliano presented this lease, and explained a few things that were different between GYBC and OGYC, most notably the very limited structures at OGYC.

He explained that OGYC offered sailing lessons to members of the Town, and in doing so, eliminated the need for the Town to do so.

Motion to combine Items 3 & 4: by acclamation

Tyler Fairburn, the new contact for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG ) presented Items 3 & 4. There was a motion to combine the two items that passed by acclamation.

Combined Items 3& 4 (CDBG): 8-0-0, 4 Districts absent

Mr. Fairburn reviewed the process for CDBG. He explained that the Town’s application was for $750,000 but noted that the amount awarded each year has been declining and is under pressure. He noted that President Trump has proposed cutting all grants.

Mr. Fairburn noted that it is his anticipation that awards: 1) would be made to the same types of entities as in past years, and 2) that if the award to the Town were cut, that the awards to each program would be reduced proportionately.

Finally, Rob Perrilli-Minetti made a motion to acknowledge the excellent leadership and work of Mike Warner, the Finance Committee Chairman, who is not returning the RTM next term.

The motion passed by acclamation and with applause.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.