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Appointments Committee Meeting

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 8:00pm
Town Hall Meeting Room

Final Agenda Attached

Vote on recommendation to RTM to appoint:
• Kirk Schubert; Member, Board of Parks and Recreation

• James Dougherty, Member Commission on Aging. Postpone appointment

•Vote on Resolution to create special Committee of the RTM to clarify the roles of the Condemnation Commission as per the Town Charter, Code of Ordinances, State Statutes, Special Acts

•Discussion on creating and adopting procedure for identifying and nominating candidates when the Selectmen "fail to nominate" as per section 309a of Charter. Case in point: Vacancy of Alternate Member of the Planning and Zoning Commission since 1/2017.

• Discussion on creating and adopting procedure for identifying and voting to nominate members of the Special Committees of the RTM and the RTM representative to the Harbor Management Commission.

•Discussion on amending Appointments Process as per section 309b of

•Discussion on how to manage administrative responsibilities of the Appointments Committee going forward

•Discussion on how to plan the 2018-2019 calendar of the appointments Committee so that, given the newly adopted term expiration schedule, Appointments Committee meetings will meet the criteria of "regular meetings" under the Freedom of Information Act (CT Statutes 1-225b)

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AC Proposal for Division of Responsibilities 2017.11.14.pdf51.76 KB
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