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Transportation Cmte Minutes of March 2017 Meeting

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Transportation Committee
March 7, 2017

Transportation Committee met at 7:00 PM
All districts in attendance except District 4

At 7:00 Transportation Committee met to review the 2017-2018 departmental budget with the Department of Public Works. Amy Siebert, Commissioner of Public Works, Jim Michel, and Nick Mariani presented their budget information, update the committee on the status of ongoing projects, and answered questions about the budget.

Major Points Discussed
Overall DPW’s budget proposed has a decrease of 0.8% which is well within the BET guidelines for the department. They remain focused on maintenance and taking care of existing infrastructure.

Operating Items Discussed
Focus was placed on operating items that were increases or changes from previous years expenditures. An item was highlighted from Parking of Transfers to other deparmtents for maintenance of the lots that showed an actual in 2015 of over $100,000 but was increasing 233% to $50,000 as the previous budget was very low. Comparison was also made to the operating goals of the department from the operating plan.

Capital Items Discussed
Old copper wire needs to be replaced with fiber optics throughout town, the project is about half way done, it will take another year to replace it.
Traffic Signal Maintenance is ongoing, traffic signal changes have to get approval at the state level, including changes to Detection Cameras at intersections.
Greenwich Avenue needs repaving and they are coordinating it with digging it up to update other infrastructure like plumbing and communications wires.
Bridges throughout town (replacing the bridge on Route 1 in front of GHS will not begin till at least 2019) DPW will forward to the committee the annual bridge report that describes the condition of each bridge.
Annual paving program is increased to $4 million from $3 million due to the change in road conditions detailed in last years study.
Steam Boat Landing improvement was discussed.

We discussed some cost cutting in DPW including shortening the hours of Holly Hill in response to budget cuts to the department made last year by the RTM.

Stop Sign studies are on-going, members of the Transportation Committee asked about several intersections that we thought could use another stop sign. The Chairman of Transportation was approached by members of the Round Hill Association about the possibility of adding a stop sign at the intersection of Round Hill and Old Mill. It was requested that the Police Dept place one of the five radar speed signs donated to the Town by the NW Greenwich Assoc. be placed on Round Hill to monitor speeds and collect data. That was done in October 2016 and a presentation made to the Round Hill Assoc. The MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) is used when DPW makes decisions regarding traffic control.
A design is complete for the CMAQ project at the Exit 3 corridor, and a review of the design will be done soon by the state and then put out to bid.
Meeting dismissed at 8:30.

The next meeting of the RTM Transportation Cmte will be on April 11th at 7 pm
with Jay Domeseck of the Fleet Department and Rita Azrelyant of Parking Services.
Election of a Vice Chair for the Cmte will also take place.

Dist. 1 Varga, Helma H. x
Dist. 2 David, Franklin x
Dist. 3 Rubin, Steve
Dist. 4 Bozzuto, Steven J.
Dist. 5 Petersen, Jr., Thomas G. x
Dist. 6 Ducret, Carol x
Dist. 7 Fassuliotis, Karen
Dist. 8 Bates, Jonathan x
Dist. 9 Warzoha, Stephen
Dist. 10 Small, Alan A. x
Dist. 11 Wellington, Jr., Richard x
Dist. 12 Whyko, Donald T.

Dist. 1 Sanders, Elizabeth
Dist. 2 Collins, Jude x
Dist. 3 Walsh, Allison x
Dist. 4
Dist. 5 deCsepel, John

Dist. 6
Dist. 7 Ryan, John
Dist. 8 Margenot, Richard
Dist. 9 Shisler, Sharon x
Dist. 10 Balidemaj, Granit
Dist. 11 Fassuliotis, Despina

Dist. 12 Ginsberg, Teresa x