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Transportation Cmte Minutes of April 2017 Meeting

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Transportation Committee- Minutes of April 4, 2017 Meeting
At the regularly scheduled Transportation Committee April meeting Jay Domeseck Director of the Fleet Department and Rita Azrelyant of the Department of Parking Services presented and discussed the proposed 2017-18 budget for their departments. Also at this meeting an election was held to replace the Transportation Cmte Vice Chairman and Karen Fassuliotis was duly elected to the position. Congratulations Karen. In attendance at the meeting was Beth Krumeich representing the BET who detailed some of the general budget issues for us.
Budget Review Fleet Department
The Fleet Department 2017-18 budget in its entirety is projected to have a decrease of 3.3% and so is well below the BET guidelines. This compares to a budgeted decrease of 5.3% last year so its budget is down two years in a row. Jay Domeseck describe the operating budget and how it ties in to the department goals. We also discussed how his department has used innovation to bring down costs. Fuel costs decrease 16 % due to new contracts. The department is using state contracts for fuel and vehicles where possible. Capital for purchase of new vehicles is itemized at $3,092,500 for next year compared to $4,092,250 last year. Jay provided us with copies of a spreadsheet documenting in detail the existing vehicles being replaced and the proposed purchases. A copy of this spreadsheet is available from me or Fleet if anyone needs one. Initially we thought there was a discrepancy between Jays capital spreadsheet and the $3,188,000 listed on the BET large page handout. Jay Domeseck quickly responded to the difference by noting that the first number was only vehicles and the second included his department capital requests for next year are for a vehicle lift and propane fueling station.
The departmental goals and objectives were also reviewed and resolutions related to sale of vehicles were reviewed and were found to be the same as in last years budget. Jay Domeseck presents our Committee with a very detailed description of each line item in the budget each year and is organized with his presentation of the information and we appreciate his efforts.
Budget Review Parking Services
The Parking Services 2017-18 budget is projected to decrease 1.9% which is well within the guidelines. Rita Azrelyant gave the Transportation Cmte a very detailed power point type presentation that started with the department mission and then tied in each of the sections and how their plans move the department and the town forward. Ms. Azrelayant has been active in using new technology to help her department, such as integrating the Parkmobile app to allow payment to be made using a smart phone. Parking Services has also integrated license plate scanners to catch scofflaws that has easily paid for the cost of the scanner with total revenue at $211.145 and is planning to use the scanners in combination with the license plate of registered users to scan the plates and make sure the car has a valid permit issued. She is also planning to expand the use of the Access Greenwich app to report broken meters or other issues. The department has reduced one supervisor position from retirement to an officer position with a savings in level and head count remains constant to last year. The department is expected to bring in revenue for 2016 of $5,281,111 with $5,474,387 proposed for next year compared to expenses of $2,680,498. The department has undertaken a detailed analysis of the number of spaces per lot and the number of permits issued to determine where they can maximize the number of permits. On the capital side they are proposing to add more multispace meters and renovate the Town Hall Garage to prevent further deterioration. Ms Azrelyant also described how parking on the upper level of the Town Hall Garage is now free as she found that most people parking there went in to Town Hall for a quick errand and ended up parking for twenty minutes. For initiatives that impact the public she described that she is working with Bruce Spaman of the tree division to put larger trees in front of the large wall at Old Greenwich station and that a Parking Master Plan will be part of the Plan of Conservation and Development revision due in 2019. Also described was an audit of the department that would also provide opportunity for some changes to improve operation of the department and some results of that audit have recently been described in the newspaper. Overall Ms. Azrelyant was very well prepared and gave an interesting and detailed description of the operation of Parking Services.
The meeting ended with the election of committee Vice Chair and Karen Fassuliotis was elected.
Alan Small
Chairman RTM Transportation Cmte

Transportation Committee 7PM April 5, 2016

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