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BOC 2017-18 Budget Workshop, 7:30-9:30 pm

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 7:30pm
Town Hall Meeting Room, 1st Floor, Town Hall

Agenda of Budget Overview Committee 2017-18 Budget Workshop
Tuesday April 25, 2017
7:30-9:30 PM
Cone Room (2nd Floor), Town Hall


1. Presentation of BOC FY 2017-18 Budget Analysis
2. Presentation of CT Pension/Debt/Budget Issues
3. Update Key Budget Issues in Flux
a. Public Safety Personnel Adopting State Health Care Plan
b. State Funding for New Lebanon School Build
c. CT State Budget and Status of Transferring State Teacher Pension Costs to Towns
4. BOC Survey Results by RTM District
5. Discussion of BOC’s FY 2017-18 Budget Analysis
6. Discussion of RTM Budget Cuts/Reductions

Operational Responsibility:
* Shall act in advisory capacity to the RTM and its committees with respect to the budget.
* Reports on the development of the budget for the coming year, giving reports at strategic points in the budgetary process, suggesting guidelines, and making recommendations so that the RTM is well prepared, before the May budget meeting, to make decisions regarding specific expenditures.
* Coordinates the analysis of the budget for the coming year with the budget sub-committees of each of the other standing committees.
* Studies and reports to the RTM, in a timely manner for district and other standing committee consideration, any potential improvements in departmental organization or methods of operation, working cooperatively whenever possible with town departments and the Board of Estimate and Taxation.
* Identifies specific areas of the budget upon which to concentrate its analysis, coordinating with other standing committees to avoid duplication of effort on matters chosen for review.
* Monitors implementation of important elements in the current year’s budget including existing programs, new programs, capital improvements and labor settlements and reports periodically to the RTM on their budgetary impact.
* Works with members of the BET to jointly develop acceptable budgetary targets annually.