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HHS Budget Subcommittee Reports

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January 2016 saw the RTM adopt new “RTM Budget Reporting Guidelines” (pages 14-16 in the RTM Rules). These new guidelines, require that each RTM Standing Committee, form sub-committees to “monitor and report the Town budget proceedings involving their respective functional Town departments”.

Part of the monitoring process involves having the sub-committees generate “reports on the progress of the budget review”. More specifically, “budget sub-committees monitor the development of the budget requests of their assigned departments” and they should “set up meetings with the appropriate department and budget
leadership to review their respective budget process for the upcoming fiscal year”.

The budget subcommittees are:

1. HHS delegates assigned to the Department of Health: Rosalind Nicastro (District 1) and Ellen Murdock (District 12)
2. HHS delegates assigned to Nathaniel Witherell: Tony Turner (District 5) and Ralph Penny (District 11).
3. HHS delegates assigned to the Commission on Aging and the Senior Center: Donna Gaudioso-Zeale (District 9) and Alberto Ferrer (District 10)/Users/alexisvoulgaris/Desktop/HHS Quarterly report.pdf
4. HHS delegates assigned to GEMS: Samarpana Tamm (District 4), Rommel Nobay (District 8), and Ryan Oca (District1)
5. HHS delegates assigned to the Department of Social Services

The Health and Human Services Committee identified five key
questions that subcommittee members should explore with department heads and this information will create the framework for the “budget summary reports”.

The questions are:

1. How does the actual budget for the department compare to the
requested budgeted amount? (Year to date run rate comparison).

2. What is different in the proposed budget from last year and
why? (Are there any new large expenditures? Program changes? Head count changes?)

3. What are the themes and goals for the department over the next
fiscal year?

4. What issues or concerns does the department have over the next
fiscal year?

5. If applicable, how do comparable communities compare in terms
of service delivery?

Attached you will find the budget summary reports as prepared by the HHS budget subcommittees. While subcommittee members have made every attempt to accurately reflect budget details, some information may have changed since the subcommittee meetings took place, and it is best to refer specific budget questions to the department head in the event of a discrepancy.

The Nathaniel Witherell report is still being worked on and HHS hopes to post that report within the next week.

Respectfully submitted,

Alexis Voulgaris
HHS Chair

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