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Secretary Sought for The Appointments Committee

Dear District Chairs
I am requesting your assistance .

The Appointments Committee is in need of a Secretary and and we have been unable to fill the position from within the Committee membership. You might we recall that we had an excellent secretary in Steve Krull from District 2 who moved out of town at the beginning of the summer.

Because the committee meets more often than most standing committees, has a high number of items on most calls, is responsible for attending to state statutes, and is charged with identifying candidates to serve as Town Officers, the attention to detail required by the secretary can be signficant. However, serving in this position on the Appointments Committee is also an excellent place to to learn about how the Town works, meet people who are involved across the spectrum of Town Government, and have the opportunity to develop competence in the organization, structure and role of the the various town agencies.

It may be a particularly good fit for a member of your district who is new to the RTM and is looking for an opportunity to have an expanded role in serving your the district and the town.

If you know of members of your district who may be interested in serving in this capacity, I would be grateful if you would let me know. While there may be some questions about how to accomplish this given what the RTM Rules state about the appointment of delegates and alternates to standing committees by their district, I have consulted with the Moderator regarding this request and we are confident that we can work something out if an interested party can be identified.

Please find a brief job description below.

Thank you kindly for your attention to this request. I would be happy to answer any questions or speak with you or anyone you recommend.

John Eddy
Appointments Committee

Job Description:
* Recording of Appointments Committee attendance and votes.
* Submitting Vote Card to Town Clerk in a manner consistent with the Freedom of Information Act
* Recording of motions made during the course of a meeting
* Timely preparation of minutes of each meeting and posting them on the RTM web site. These typically include highlights of interviews with Candidates, notes minority opinion, on discussion related to nominations, procedures, and motions.
* Become familiar with Freedom of Information Act, State Minority Representation Act, Town Code of Ethics, ยง306 of Town Code
* About 1+ hour of work per meeting of the Appointments Committee