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Call for Candidates for The RTM Claims Committee

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Call for Candidates to Serve on The Claims Committee of the RTM

The Appointments Committee is seeking candidates to serve serving on the Claims Committee, a special Committee of the RTM as defined in section VI.B the RTM Rules. Candidates must be members of the RTM.

The Appointments Committee will nominate 9 Regular Members and 2 Alternates. Members who are nominated to the Claims Committee will stand for appointment by the RTM.

The procedure for submitting nominations submitted as follows and is subject to section III.H.1—4 of the RTM Rules.
Interested candidates will please submit a letter or email of interest including a CV and/ or other appropriate information regarding experience and qualifications to the chair of the Appointments Committee at
The Appointments Committee will be accepting candidates until 12 noon on Friday January 29th for interviews tentatively scheduled to take place on an evening TBD in early February .

The Function of the Claims Committee:
"The power of the RTM to approve appropriations of the Board of Estimate and Taxation for the payment, compromise, or settlement upon recommendation of the Town Attorney of any claim against the town is delegated to the Claims Committee."

The term of the appointment is commensurate with that of the term of the current RTM and is subject to §306 of the Town of Greenwich Municipal Code.

The Deadline for candidates to express interest is 12 noon, Friday January 29th, 2016.

Please see attached document

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