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To: RTM Land Use Committee Delegates and Alternates
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RTM Land Use Committee – Organizational Proposal
Form subcommittees around our areas of responsibility. Both Delegates and Alternates may serve on subcommittees. Subcommittees can focus on
1. Budgets – including staffing, projects, and capital.
2. Appointments
3. Call items that are relevant
4. Other – including Sense of Meeting Resolutions, proposed ordinances
Subcommittee members can become familiar with the department heads, commission/agency members, and other personnel. They might attend public hearings from time to time to see commission/agency members and support staff in action. They might acquaint themselves with relevant Town plans and regulations.
Suggested subcommittees:
1. Planning & Zoning Department and Commission
2. Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals
3. Conservation Commission
4. Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency
5. Harbormaster Commission and matters related to coastal management and dredging.
6. Capital Budgets – including Roads & Bridges; the CIP, Municipal Improvements
With twelve RTM districts, we have 12 Delegates and 12 or so Alternates. So each subcommittee might have two or more delegates and two or more alternates. Each subcommittee can select a subcommittee chair and vice-chair. Each subcommittee can meet as it sees fit and report to the full committee as desired.
Peter Berg
December 28, 2015