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Budget Overview Committee meeting Feb. 28

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To the members of the Budget Overview Committee,
Our Committee has scheduled a regular meeting on Thursday February 28, in the lower level employee lounge at Town Hall at 7.30 pm. The agenda includes:
1. Brief presentation of the budget in the departments comprising General Government by Peter J. Tesei, First Selectman. General Government includes most of the functions carried out at Town Hall including Purchasing, Human Resources, Registrar of Voters, Finance, Information Technology, Office of the First Selectman, and others. The General Government operating spending in the 2013-14 budget totals $19,704,459. We are pleased to invite Mr. Tesei. To prepare for these discussions, the First Selectman’s Budget Message is suggested reading:
To make the discussion efficient, each member of the Committee will have the opportunity to pose a question to Mr. Tesei. It may be useful to prepare a question beforehand.
2. Selection of high-importance topics in the budget and volunteers for such topics, leading to an agreed plan for our Committee’s analysis of the budget.
3. Such other budgetary topics as may be suggested by the Committee.
Bill Drake
Chairman, Budget Overview Committee