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Analysis and Report on Fiscal 2014 Draft Budget Guidelines

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To the members from District 5,

The Budget Overview Committee has adopted the attached Analysis and Report on the Fiscal 2014 Budget Guidelines. This Analysis and Report deserve your support, and at our District meeting Thursday, I plan to offer a motion that our District endorse it.

Budget Guidelines are prepared annually by the Budget Committee of the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Once adopted by that Committee and the full BET, the Guidelines serve as the framework for the preparation of the entire budget. At present, the Guidelines are under development and still subject to change. In their present form, the draft Guidelines call for a moderate growth of operating cost of 2.0% and an increase in the mill rate of 2.5%. These targets would ensure that the Town departments adopt a goal of increasing productivity. They will also ensure that the budget is created with the interests of taxpayers in mind.

It would be productive and useful for District 5 to endorse this report. Please let me know your views.

Bill Drake

Guidelines FY 14 Analysis and Report 10-11-12.doc105 KB