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District 4 Committee Delegates

Robert J. McKnight, Jr.
Delegate Appointments Committee
Josiane M. Schaffner-Parnell
Alternate Appointments Committee
Romulo E. Samaniego
Delegate Budget Overview Committee
Diego Sanchez
Alternate Budget Overview Committee
Delegate Community Development Advisory Committee
J. Robert Tuthill
Delegate Education Committee
Alex J. Popp, Jr.
Alternate Education Committee
Diego Sanchez
Delegate Finance Committee
Alternate Finance Committee
Samarpana Tamm
Delegate Health and Human Services Committee
Alternate Health and Human Services Committee
Bonnie Zeh
Delegate Land Use Committee
Lucy von Brachel
Alternate Land Use Committee
Maria Madeleine Popp
Delegate Legislative and Rules Committee
Robert J. McKnight, Jr.
Alternate Legislative and Rules Committee
Josiane M. Schaffner-Parnell
Delegate Parks and Recreation Committee
Bonnie Zeh
Alternate Parks and Recreation Committee
Donald R. Vitti
Delegate Public Works Committee
Ronald F. Carosella
Alternate Public Works Committee
Gregory D. Brown
Delegate Town Services Committee
Susan L. McCabe
Alternate Town Services Committee
Lucy von Brachel
Delegate Transportation Committee
Andrea J. Casson
Alternate Transportation Committee