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District 11 Committee Delegates

Stuart E. Reider
Delegate Appointments Committee
Cathryn Fineman Steel
Alternate Appointments Committee
Gregory J. Zorthian
Delegate Budget Overview Committee
Margaret G. Heppelmann
Alternate Budget Overview Committee
Richard Wellington, Jr.
Delegate Community Development Advisory Committee
Susan Fahey
Delegate Education Committee
Elisabeth G. "Lisa" Stuart
Alternate Education Committee
Rebecca Z Steinfeld
Delegate Finance Committee
Jonathan Pierce Redmond
Alternate Finance Committee
Ralph E. Penny
Delegate Health and Human Services Committee
Gregg O. Pauletti
Alternate Health and Human Services Committee
Dana G. Neuman
Delegate Land Use Committee
Victoria C. Bostock
Alternate Land Use Committee
Thomas M. Devaney
Delegate Legislative and Rules Committee
Karen B. Giannuzzi
Alternate Legislative and Rules Committee
William R. Collins
Delegate Parks and Recreation Committee
Tracy H. Freedman
Alternate Parks and Recreation Committee
Michael Spilo
Delegate Public Works Committee
Susan C. Khanna
Alternate Public Works Committee
Richard J. Neuman
Delegate Town Services Committee
David E. Oliver
Alternate Town Services Committee
Kimberly D. Salib
Delegate Transportation Committee
Despina K. Fassuliotis
Alternate Transportation Committee