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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Log into the RTM Web Site and Updating RTM Member Information

  1. Is an official Town web site?

It is "official" in the sense that reports, announcements and meetings posted to it are official government documents. However, it is not necessarily complete, even with respect to the RTM's reports and announcements. It is only as complete and accurate as the members make it.

The use of the site is entirely voluntary. There is no rule or recommendation that members must post information on the site. If members choose to not publish information on the site, it will be less useful.

Information posted on the site will be retained in accordance with the Town's retention policies and is subject to the same FOIA rules as other Town documents.

  1. What are the different types of users?

Unregistered users can read information on the site.

Registered users who are not RTM members can use the "Contact" tab on each member/committee/district to send emails to those.

Registered RTM members can do the above and edit their own contact information including what information is displayed and comment on those "announcements" permitting comments.

Committee chairmen or their designees can do the above and post & edit announcements and events and edit the officers of committees.

District chairmen or their designees can do what registered members can do, post & edit announcements and events, edit the district officers and edit their districts committee delegates and alternates.

  1. How do I change my contact information?

Login and click on "Your Personal Information"; click the "Edit" tab, and click the "RTM Member Information" tab.

Add or change the information. Click the "Display …" boxes to show the information on your member page. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save changes. There are additional details here.


  1. How do I get notifed of new posts to the RTM site?

The site supports RSS feeds, email notifications of updates and Facebook. The RSS feed icon is at the bottom of the Home page, the Facebook "like" icon is just below the calendar on the Home page. Email notification has not been enabled as of 4/2.

  1. How do i send an email to a member?

Select the member and click on "Contact". An email form will appear. Fill in the form and clidk "Send e-mail".

  1. How do I update my district's officers?

Only the District Chairman may update a District's officer designations.

Login and click on "Edit Your District's Officers". The list will show the current assignments. Select the new member assigned to each postion and click on "Save".

  1. How do I update my district's delegates

Only the District Chairman may update a District's committee delegates.

Login and click on "Edit Your District's Committee Delegates". Select the committee the delegates to which you want to change and click on "Apply". Select the new member assigned to each position and click on "Save".

  1. How do I remove or add a District member?

Only the the Clerk has the authority to record changes to the RTM's membership.

If a Member leaves the RTM, this should be reported to the Clerk who will inactivate the member's record. When the District elects a new Member, report this to the Clerk, including the new Member's email address and the Clerk will add the information to the system. The new Member will receive an email asking him to register and valldate his contact information. The District Chairman should then record the new Member's committee assignments.

  1. How do I update my committees' officers?

Only committee chairmen may change a committee's officers.

Login and select "Edit Your Committee's Officers". Select the committee the officers of which you want to change and click on "Apply". Select the new member assigned to each office and click on "Save".

  1. How do I post a meeting notice?

Only committee and district chairmen may post or change a meeting notice.

Login and select "Create a New Meeting or Event". Complete the form with Meeting name, e.g. "Special meeting of the xxxx Committee", meeting date, time and location. Add a description if appropriate. If the description is long, consider an informative topic sentence and then inserting a "break" to separate the "teaser" from the body of the description. A break is inserted with "<!--break-->" without the quotes and causes the text on the Home page to break at that point with the words "Read more" added. This de-clutters the Home page.

If there are attachments, such as one or more reports, click on "File attachments". This opens a dialog to enable identifying a file to attach. Then click attach. A number of files may be attached.

Links may also be created to existing files, for example the Town's recommended budget or the Town's budget page. Copy the URL (the "http:// …" stuff and paste it into the "Description" window with some text, e.g. "Budget info at : http://www. …". A user can then click the link to open that page.

After the information is complete, it may be previewed by clicking "Preview". When satisfied, clidk on "Save" to publish.

As a convenience, you may send the meeting notice to the Clerk so that the paper notice may be posted at Town Hall by clicking on the item which opens it in its own window. Clicking on the small envelope icon opens an email form to email the page. Put the Clerk's address ( in the the "Send to:" box, if you want a copy, put your email address in the "Send to:' box, too, add a subject, e.g. "Special meetiing notice", add your message, "Please post.", and click on "Send e-mail". The meeting notice will be sent to the Clerk.

  1. How do I post an announcement?

Only committee and district chairmen may post or change an announcement.

The process is the same as with meetings.