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January 2017

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There will be No Appointments Committee Meeting on Tuesday January 22

The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday February 28.

Land Use Comm Report -- January 2017

Report of the RTM Land Use Committee - January 9, 2017--Final

The Land Use Committee met on Monday at Town Hall. All Districts were represented.

Item #1 – Serena Totman Bechtel – to be appointed an alternate member of the Historic District Commission, for a term expiring March 31, 2020

HHS Subcommittee Report for Nathaniel Witherell

Please find attached the Health and Human Services budget subcommittee report for Nathaniel Witherell.

Town Services January '17 Minutes

Town Services January 2017
FD & PD Budget Preview

HHS Budget Subcommittee Reports

January 2016 saw the RTM adopt new “RTM Budget Reporting Guidelines” (pages 14-16 in the RTM Rules). These new guidelines, require that each RTM Standing Committee, form sub-committees to “monitor and report the Town budget proceedings involving their respective functional Town departments”.