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January 2015

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Finance Committee Minutes 14Jan15

January 12, 2015
• ITEM 1 12-0-0
• ITEM 2 12-0-0
• ITEM 3 12-0-0
• Purchasing Motion 12-0-0
• ITEM 4 11-0-1

P&R Committee Meeting Notes, January 13, 2015

The RTM Parks and Recreation Committee met Tuesday, January 13, 2015 to consider Item #4 on the January RTM Call.

Joe Sicliano, Director of Parks and Recreation, and Bruce Spaman, Superintendent of Parks and Trees and Tree Warden, were present to
review the item.

Item # 4 is a gift of $520,000 from Barbara and Ray Dalio for the Byram Park Improvement and Beautification Project.

VOTE: 10-0-0 with Districts 1 and 8 were absent.

Joe Siciliano explained that he had walked Byram Park with Barbara Dalio and her property manager, Mark Maloney. The main issues to be addressed are: