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October 2012

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Analysis and Report on Fiscal 2014 Draft Budget Guidelines

To the members from District 5,

The Budget Overview Committee has adopted the attached Analysis and Report on the Fiscal 2014 Budget Guidelines. This Analysis and Report deserve your support, and at our District meeting Thursday, I plan to offer a motion that our District endorse it.

Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting Notes, October 16, 2012

We took up two items on the Call:

#4: Vote was 10-0-1. District 2 abstained as the member arrived late and missed part of the discussion. District 7 was absent.

Joe Siciliano, Director of Parks and Recreation, explained the appropriation of $206,000 to "Replace the Greenwich Point Waterline". The existing line is
50 years old, is set in sand, and has been repeatedly patched over the years. When it is replaced, it will be relocated from
the causeway which has a unstable base to a more stable area under the pond. It is a welded plastic pipeline which can

Analysis and Report on Fiscal 2014 Draft Budget Guidelines

To all members of the RTM:

Please find attached an Analysis and Report on the Draft Guidelines for the Fiscal 2014 Budget. The Guidelines are under development by the BET's Budget Committee.

The attached report was adopted by the Budget Overview Committee at its regular meeting on October 11, 2012, by vote of 8 in favor, 1 opposed and 3 absent.

Bill Drake
Chairman, Budget Overview Committee

Item 6; Tour of French Farm; RSVP by Tuesday, Oct 9

To: All RTM Members
At our September meeting, Item 12, the designation of French Farm on Lake Avenue as an historic property, was withdrawn pending a public hearing. This matter now appears on our October Call as Item #6.
Several of you asked if you could tour the property. Historic District Chairman Stephen Bishop has kindly arranged a tour for interested RTM members on Saturday morning, October 13, from 10 am until noon.