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October 2011

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Due to a power outage, the October RTM has been postponed. It is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday evening.

GEA Contract Analysis Report

The long awaited report is finished & attached hereto.

2012-13 BET Budget Guidelines

The BET Budget Guidelines for 2012-13 are attached.

Now is the time to engage in appropriate budget control strategies by reading & understanding the guidlines, attending BET, BOE & Selectman budget hearings and speaking out so your voice is heard. It would also be helpful to other Finance Committee members who cannot attend, to see reports from those who do. This will help the Committee to stay in the loop and be better prepared to review the next budget as it develops. Next year will no doubt be a challenge for our Town

Change of time/place of the Oct Town Services Committee meeting

As Town Services has only 1 item, (a simple donation to the Greenwich Police Department), we will forgo our Tuesday meeting as scheduled.

We will meet on 24 October, 2011 at 7:30pm in the cafeteria of Central Middle School before the full RTM meeting.

Town Clerk's Office:
Please Post in Town Hall.

Town Service Members:
Please advise any persons not on the email list that may have an interest (substitute or alternate assigned to attend Tuesday night.)

In-Kind expenses paid on behalf of BOE

With the teachers contract coming up, it seems like a good idea to get familiar with some of the BOE expenses that are paid by the Town and not included in the BOE budget. See attached exhibit from Town Finance Dept. Lucia Jansen is dong more investigation into this subject. As it stands now, the Labor Contracts Coommittee has refused to followup on the contract analysis package she developed. They simply can not or will not do what must be done to display the contract data in the way proposed by Lucia. This package was distributed to you at our last meeting.