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RTM Meeting

Event Date: 
Monday, May 9, 2016 - 7:00pm
Central Middle School

District 4 District Meeting (Omitted from front page)

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 8:00pm
Byram Schubert Library

Proposal for Changing Term Expiration Dates for Town Agencies Appointed by the RTM

Attached please find a PDF copy of the Proposal for changing Term Expiration Dates for Town Agencies Appointed by the RTM which was presented to the Board of Selectmen on April 28.

Also attached is the spreadsheet (Appointments Expiration Worksheet (e) 2016.04.21.xls ) which projects the effects of the proposal over a 10 year period. It also indicates how the proposed changes would affect the work calendars of standing committees.

Report on Harbor Management Commission April Meeting

As required by the call item setting up the Harbor Management Commission and the RTM ex-officio member of it, this is the first report of Commission activities.

At the April 20 meeting of the Harbor Management Commission, new officers were elected as follows:

Chairman – Bruce Angiolillo
Vice Chair – Lile Gibbons
Secretary – Michael van Oss

Before the vote, former Chairman Mazza announced he would not stand for re-election, but would remain on the Commission at least until his term expires.

Old Business discussions included:

BOC committee votes/actions on BET's FY 2016-17 Proposed Budget

Dear RTM Colleagues,

I am copying below for you the full prepared speech I had intended to give to the body tonight. As you will read, it was meant to give every single RTM member, committee and district member alike, ample time to read the BOC's direction and Motions with the upcoming May budget appropriations. These items were thoroughly debated at the committee and the resulting actions and Motions reflect the 11 districts (D1 was absent) perspective. Please feel free to contact me at 203-861-9425 if you have any further questions or comments.

Town Services Budget Review Documents

Attached are documents for our TS budget review of the Fire department and GEMS.
Included are:
A full review of the NW Fire Station and Staffing proposal.
The towns new ISO Rating report.
FD answer to TS "Questions".
GEMS Budget.

Richard Neuman

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